We have our own manufacturing unit of area 50,000 Sq. ft. and equipped with some latest machineries. Following manufacturing facilities are available in our factory.

  1. Fabrication : - We have all type of fabrication facilities. Structural fabrications all available   with us.
    A. Machining
    B. Milling
    C. Bending (HOT & COLD)/ Polishing
    D. MIG / TIG Welding
    E. Drilling / Punching etc.

  2. Aluminium Casting : - We have our own aluminium casting unit with facilities of
    A. Gravity Die Casting
    B. Sand Casting
    C. Pressure Die Casting etc.

  3. Forging : - We have our own forging unit with latest forging machine by which we do hammering, pressing, rolling, squeezing and other such operations in one or more forging equipment. Pneumatic hammering, Air riveting, Horizontal header forging is available.  
    A. HOT Forging              B. COLD Forging              C. AIR Forging

  4. Preformed Products (PLP) : - We have our own Preformed (PLP) machine to produce Armour Rod, Guy grip, Guy Wire.

  5. Extrusion : - We have our own aluminium extrusion machine to Produce different types of aluminium Connectors.

  6. Galvanizing : - We have our own Galvanizing unit where do galvanize of MS materials with best quality and maintain Zink micron as per international standard.

  7. Assembly Shop : - We have enough place with skilled workers team to complete assemble & fittings of materials as per export standard to dispatch properly.

  8. Materials Storage :- We have enough Place in our factory Premises to store raw materials before production and finished goods after production. The areas are neat & clean for storage & handling.

  9. Packing / Bundling : - We maintain proper Packing / bundling of finished goods for air / road / Sea transport. So, that all Packed goods will not be damage on transit and arrive to our Clients with safe & Secure.