Our manufacturing unit is committed to produce best quality products as per proper Quality Assurance Policy to satisfy our clients for maintain of a long time business relationship.

A. Testing & Inspection: Before production of any goods we always do in-house testing of raw materials i.e. chemical, metallurgical, hardness etc. even from Govt. approved / NABL approved Lab. We regular maintain routine tests of materials at the time of production with our testing equipments i.e. Vernier, Steel tape, Steel scale, Weight machine, Zink coating machine, Universal Tensile/Load test machine etc. which are all calibrated from NABL Lab. We do tests of finished goods as per specification / standards / client’s requirement at in-house or Govt. approved / NABL approved Lab. We have the following in-house testing facilities:-

  1. Hardness Testing Machine
  2. Bending Testing Machine
  3. Tensile Testing Machine
  4. Torque Test Machine
  5. Zinc coating machine

We do inspection of materials before dispatch as per client’s requirement from third party inspection agencies i.e. Electricity board’s inspector, RITES, SGS, Intertek etc.

B. Certificate:    We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.